Civil Ground Patrol was created to protect our communities and families from the civil unrest demonstrated in 2020 throughout the United States and from possible foreign invasion in the future.  Civil Ground Patrol’s activities will provide organization and training to members of the community to protect their homes, businesses, property, neighbors, and families from harm.  They work with the local government and city officials to be extra eyes and ears, provide backup help when requested, and protection for community members until help arrives.  In the event that local authorities and first responders are unavailable through lack of staffing, political upheavals, or other events that require their immediate attention Civil Ground Patrol will do their best to protect their communities in a lawful and effective manner until the local authorities are able to take over the situation.  The organization is fully volunteer operated and we appreciate every help hand.

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Going hand-in-hand with the other operations of Civil Ground Patrol, preparing our community for civil unrest and foreign invasion will include an element of disaster preparedness.  This would include teaching individuals and families 1) How to store and grow food supplies 2) What supplies to stock up on and how to get them 3) creating first aid kits 4) learning survival skills in our environment and 5) mindset for survival situations.

There are many types of situations that require parents or guardians to consider the safety of their family and respond accordingly.  This can be from coming home to find the house broken into when the kids were at home to being in a store when a riot occurs outside.  This part of the program will encompass skills from both the Community Action Teams and Individual Preparation activities.  Members will be taught to combine skills using 1) Mindset and situational awareness 2) deescalating situations 3) how to retreat to a safe place or when its best to stand your ground 4) getting people to safety 5) first aid 6) calling in help from local law enforcement 7) Getting help and coordinating with teams of Civil Ground Patrol 8) Having emergency supplies on hand for extended situations and 9) survival skills.

Civil Ground Patrol recognizes that most situations that result in conflict and injury are not planned so it is more likely members will be by themselves when a situation occurs.  Each member will be trained on how to act on their own to 1) have the proper mindset and situational awareness 2) to deescalate a situation 3) when to retreat and when to stand your ground 4) when to call for law enforcement 5) first aid 6) legal implications of different actions and 7) proper handling of a firearm.

The organization will consist of distinct community action teams.  These teams are designed to work with each other to provide the most peaceful and incident free environments in their community and promote a safe fun environment for families and community members to thrive.  Their roles will be divided among the groups and include 1) watching for and reporting incidents 2) de-escalation of conflicts 3) getting people to safety 4) first aide until help arrives 5) Special operations for extreme situations 6) handing off situations to authorities.


All members of the organization will become more confident at providing support and protection for the community and working with local authorities in an effective manner.  As more members of the community are trained and come together our area will become a safer place and a refuge for those seeking safety and stability during uncertain times.

The definition of a Militia according to Miram-Webster is " a private group of armed individuals that operates as a paramilitary force and is typically motivated by a political or religious ideology specifically : such a group that aims to defend individual rights against government authority that is perceived as oppressive."  Civil Ground Patrol is NOT anti government and it is NOT organizing against our government.  We are organizing to protect ourselves against anyone who threatens our safety.  According to 10 U.S. Code § 246 - Militia: composition and classes we do not classify as a militia and according to Utah Code 39-1-1 Militia we do not qualify as a militia.

Is Civil Ground Patrol a Militia?